Head Massager
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The product of many points on the head massage, and acupuncture points for each organ or physical condition with some closely related. To achieve the promotion of blood circulation, improve metabolism, relieve pain and pressure; enhance memory; improve learning efficiency; improve sleep quality; enhance human resistance to disease and other effects. Meanwhile brain easily massage in a relaxed way, so you get the most comfortable massage pleasure and healthy fun. Features: Mitigation of fatigue Enhance memory Improve the efficiency of learning Humanized design. Using three kinds of external power supply. Power Source:3 batteries (Not Included); computer USB interface connector; transformer connection. Size can be adjusted: Front-end device with elastic panel, fixed card, depending on the size of the first type, for targeted massage. 8 kinds of massage intensity can be adjusted. Back-end design with slow release, easy to remove massage, acupuncture points, with senior medical latex soft
Sandhi Sudha