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Electric Magic Brush in PakistanElectric brush introduction; The original originated from Japan`s advertising product also is the latest and most popular articles for daily use, best-selling Asia, new life for supplies, now a new life work is very busy, chores became a woman`s troubles. Please servant not cost-effective find appropriate servant also are hard to find, or need yourself just satisfied the health situation at home. So his work back and don`t want too tired don`t want to do too much too dirty chores, like bath crock, tub, the chopsticks, lavatory basin, gas burner, etc will often cleaning. The most difficult thing is these places are a lot of dirt and stolen goods, it is difficult to cleaning, cleaning up and tired and difficult to wash detergent and wasted, so now with this type of electric cleaning brush all your worries and dirty entirely and all can tell the oh. This product; High-speed rotating brush head easily solved trouble you these. Friends get a move order this product back to solve your problems. Please credit dirty work worries Don`t miss such a good chance, oh. Cixin electric brush; Just a little essence is enough. Detergent than usual amount with much less oh really. Long-term contact with detergent for women of substance of the hand very hurt: oh, or using this product already be economical convenience Electric cleaning brush accessories. An electric host 2 brush head can exchange use A furry cloth, a hang electric fixed frame Packaging DetailsUnit Type: lot (36 pieces/lot) Package Weight: 10.000kg (22.05lb.) Package Size: 23cm x 24cm x 25cm (9.06in x 9.45in x 9.84in)
Sandhi Sudha