Face Massager
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Triple --Functional For Different Cleaning and its compact design Features: Comes with three different brushes deeply cleans the skin CLEANING AND CLEARING BRUSH (FOR OILY COMBINATION SKIN): Deeply cleans oil and residual make-up in the pores, making for clear and smooth skin. Good for daily use Silicone cleansing brush (for sensitive skin): Elastic silicone brush, gently cleans and cares your skin. Good for sensitive skin or skin in sensitive period. Suggested use: according to your skin sensitivity Skin refreshing brush ( For Exfoliation): Closely fits your skin, deeply cleans the dirt and the blackheads twice, helping to exfoliate and brighten the skin, For all skin types Suggested use: once week. How to use: 1. Attach the brush you wish to use ,wet the brush head and your face , and apply facial cleanser to the brush head . 2. Choose your desired speed. (Low for gentle cleansing and High for deep cleansing) 3. Place the brush gently against the skin and move from bottom to top in circular motion(avoid the eyes area) 4. Recommended use is twice daily, 20 seconds on the forehead, nose and chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek. How to clean: 1. Flush and clean the brushes with water after each use, dry with a cloth or air dry. 2. This product is not water resistant, please clean the device with a wet/dry cloth or tissue. 3. Replace all the attachments back in stand after use.
Sandhi Sudha